Package code completely and run it anywhere.

Consolidate your application's code, configurations, and dependencies into a single package. This ensures quick, reliable, and consistent deployments, regardless of environment. Optimized containers can run on-premises or in the Cloud and can seamlessly move anywhere based on your demands.

Package code, dependencies, and testing into an easily movable container.


Provide process isolation within containers making it easy to break apart and run applications as independent services.

  • Isolate processes
  • Flexible utilization
  • Accelerate multi-cloud

Application Migrations

Package entire applications as a container and easily move them to the Cloud without needing to make code changes.

  • Move anywhere
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Auto-balance workloads


Build platforms with containers to remove the need for infrastructure management and standardize how applications are deployed.

  • Pre-built PaaS
  • Standardized deployment
  • Reduced management