Our Mission

Accelerate technological innovation across your entire enterprise. We promise to remain vendor agnostic, constantly invest in new technologies, and provide meaningful insights.
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What Do We Do?

We provide IT Consultant, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Information Technology Partner, Solutions Architects … we get called a lot of things, but at our most basic, we are an IT Solutions provider. We resell software, hardware, and services (from other vendors/manufacturers) and provide value beyond order fulfillment. We help clients identify their pain points, explore technology solutions that help them overcome those pain points, and finally negotiate with vendors to source the solution at the best price. We can also provide consulting, design, implementation and training services around the hardware, software and networking components we resell.

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Meet The Team

Connor Quinlan

CEO & Founder

Ryan O'Mara

VP of Finance

Marisa Dean

Head of Operations

Thor Torgenrud

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Our Values

Our Why

Our company is vendor-agnostic by design. It was started in 2018 by an account executive who was being pushed to prop up an inferior solution to appease a large vendor. He refused in the interest of his client. The institutional vendor-partner relationship is based on the vendor "rewarding" VARs by providing direct to employee cash incentives, vendor specific engineering training funds, and lead generation campaigns. This vendor-partner incentive cycle drives up the price and prevents your access to the newest innovative technologies.

But How?

We utilize a team of high-end multi-vendor engineers to remove bias and vet new to market solutions. We use a scalable engineering bench when needed to ensure we always have the best person for the job. We strictly ban vendor sponsored employee incentive plans and have no vendor specific quotas. Lastly, we broke our dependency on lead flow from large vendors by bringing marketing it in house – we don’t owe the vendor’s anything!

And Also...

Living up to our mission to "Accelerate technological innovation across your entire enterprise" means giving you the most avenues possible to get you what you need. To facilitate this, we built relationships to access privately held capital in order to structure payment schedules to meet the needs of our clients. This can mean OpEx or CapEx traditional financing at more competitive rates or more strategic financing options such as Capacity on Demand.

We Promise to

...white-board and listen to your challenges

...vet and expose you to the best emerging and established tech

...negotiate with transparency and your best interest in mind

...never sell you an inferior product to appease a colleague or vendor

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