Data Storage & Protection

Stay ahead of data growth and ensure safety.

Your business is constantly evolving and you're being tasked with increasing critical data demands. Stay ahead of the curve by driving efficient storage, management, and protection of that data. Next-generation deduplication technologies will maximize your storage space and utilization.

Never worry about scaling storage or data protection again.

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Traditional Storage

Leverage industry-leading solutions to fulfill object, file, or block needs. Use flash to vastly improve performance and decrease latency.

  • Flexible management (REST API)
  • Snapshots and remote replication
  • Thin provisioning and data reduction

Next-Gen Storage

Use intelligence within software-defined storage to increase resiliency, improve availability, and leverage any vendor.

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Cloud-enabled integration
  • Unlimited plug-and-play scaling

Backup and Protection

Perfect your backup plan to meet your SLAs/SLOs. Shorten backup windows with data reduction and CBT.

  • Ultra-fast backup
  • Reduced complexity with AI
  • Off-site protection with cloud