Compute & Virtualization

Build a modern foundation for transformation.

Keep up with accelerating business demands and align IT around applications that deliver modern customer engagement. Ensure you are using the latest virtualization technologies to create maximum value and go far beyond basic compute resource management.

Boost efficiency through automation and drive innovation.

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CPUs and memory continue to get larger and faster, should you be doing more with less? Maximize your assets usage and efficiency.

  • Simplify management and support
  • Ensure resources are being maximized
  • Continuous performance optimization


Utilize virtualization to its fullest extent in your environment. Position yourself to take the next step towards full automation.

  • Advanced features and insights
  • Automated license management
  • Employ full-stack integration points


Employ containers to take resource efficiency to the next level. Securely build, share and run any application, anywhere.

  • High velocity innovation
  • Any application, anywhere
  • Secure collaboration and delivery