Converged Infrastructure

Reduce your footprint and simplify management.

Reduce infrastructure costs and complexity while providing enterprise reliability by embracing a converged infrastructure strategy. Individually expandable compute and storage will making scaling painless.

Consolidate infrastructure and maximize your IT budget.

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Consolidate current servers, storage, and networking into an engineered, prescribed, tested, and supported configuration.

  • Single vendor support
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Leverage existing infrastructure


Acquire highly consolidated solutions that provide modular scaling, high performance, and enterprise-grade reliability.

  • APIs including REST
  • Simple to scale and manage
  • Native integration with cloud platforms


Separate compute nodes to execute virtual workloads on local flash data; storage nodes constitute a distributed file-system.

  • Linear but decoupled scaling
  • Segregated compute and storage
  • Statelessness / no east-west traffic